Delivering Environmentally Friendly Painting

Priceless Painting is dedicated to lowering its impact on the environment.

Did you know that over 2 million Australians have ASTHMA which according to international standards is relatively high.  This number is increasing every year with more and more people developing asthma, other allergies and chemical sensitivities. DULUX has developed a Low VOC (volatile Organic Compound) paint range.

These paints are designed to release less emissions, so are low in odour and VOC’s contributing positively to indoor air quality and air pollution. By reducing these toxins we all benefit, but especially those with chronic sensitivities. To find more information on the products available, please contact us.

Priceless Painting uses the DULUX  EnviroWash  System, the environmentally friendly and responsible management of paint, paint tools and associated waste. To read more about the EnviroWash System, Please click here.

Award Winning Staff

All staff  inducted into Priceless Painting are experienced, quality tradesmen, that hold current police clearances and conduct all painting works in a professional manner.

Priceless Painting strives for excellence in both paint application and business management.

Through Dulux Accredited and The Master Painters Australia, Priceless Painting has been awarded the following: